About us

Wroclaw Language School began in October 1989 and teaches about 300 – 350 students each year. Most of the people who study at the school are young: students in higher education, high school (16-19 years old) or junior high (13-16 years old). We also offer courses for adults and young working people, as well as groups for upper elementary school children (10-12 years old).

The idea of setting up the language school developed from the popularity of language camps which were run in the 1980s with the help of Christian native speakers of English who came to Poland from the West. Despite the difficult political situation at that time, Ruth Kowalczuk, the founder and first director of the school, managed to get permission to open the school.

We offer a full range of levels of English, from complete beginners to advanced levels . We also offer courses preparing students for First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced English exams. Upper elementary and junior high school students also have a range of language levels to choose from. We have a sizeable library containing materials helpful for learning English.

The school year is full of events and activities that give students and teachers a chance to get to know each other better, both inside and outside the classroom. The school organizes free conversation times, summer intensive language courses for various age- groups and weekends away.

All of this provides unique opportunities for students to use and practice the language in a natural way and enables friendships to be formed.

What students appreciate about Wroclaw Language School:

- Effective teaching (98-99% pass rate in the FCE and CAE exams)

- A unique and friendly atmosphere

- The professional approach of the teaching staff

- Informal meetings outside the classroom

- Individual contact with teachers

- Summer language camps

Apart from running language courses, Wroclaw Language

School works in the following areas:

Summer language courses.

Each year the school runs intensive summer language courses. These successfully combine learning English with studying the Bible, games, competitions , trips, hikes and other activities. Courses outside Wroclaw are offered to students aged 16 and above, with current Language School students having first priority. Teachers from the school as well as native speaker guests from the UK, the USA and Ireland take part in these trips. Since 2010 the school has also run a city-based camp for teens aged 13-16.

Other events outside the classroom.

Wroclaw Language School organizes a range of extra-curricular activities: Carols by Candlelight, weekend trips with intensive language input, and a range of cultural events such as Thaksgiving, film nights etc.